Tom Glazebrook

Creator of Meta-Harmony

In the summer of 2015, after completing the harmony modules of my music degree, I developed a strong feeling of interconnectivity within harmony that I found deeply beautiful. I was utterly compelled to find a way of describing this interconnective nature of harmony in a way that truly reflected its innate beauty.

After years of investigation and with much help from collaborators, Meta-Harmony is the result.

Charlie Egan


I've been collaborating with Tom on Meta-Harmony since the summer of 2017. My main job on the team is to understand the mathematical aspects of Meta-Harmony and to investigate ways of understanding and interacting with it.

It's been such an exciting project for me and has truly opened my mind and ears to the underlying structure of musical harmony. As a drummer I have always had an emotional understanding of harmony but, until recently, had found it very hard to access. Working on Meta-Harmony has completely changed my perspective. It manages to present a wealth of nuanced information in a very accessible format.

The more we work with Meta-Harmony the more we seem to be able to mine from it. My favourite moment of the project so far was discovering a special rotation in the shapes of Meta-Harmony which represents 'negative harmony'.

I'm excited for you to explore your own journey through Meta-Harmony.